Long Sleeve American Tarpon Tee

Solar System® Represents a Breakthrough in Sun Protection Clothing – It’s Supersoft, Moisture-Wicking and Odor-Resistant.


This Hook & Tackle® American Tarpon shirt features a tarpon dressed up in red, white and blue with the Hook & Tackle® logo on one sleeve and on the front.

Most sun protection fishing t-shirts in the marketplace are made of 100% polyester.  They are hot, clammy, odor-prone, do not breathe and generally are very uncomfortable.  Cotton fishing t-shirts are breathable and comfortable but do not provide effective sun protection.

This t-shirt features a solution called Solar System®, a breakthrough technology that gives you the effective sun protection of a polyester fishing shirt but with the comfort and breathability of a cotton fishing t-shirt.  We further upped the ante by adding moisture-wicking and odor-resistant technology allowing you to stay cool, fresh and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


  • Solar System® Fabric Technology
  • Solar System® UPF 50+ Sun Protection – Highest Rating
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Odor-Resistant
  • Shrink-Resistant