It's a WONDERFUL Time of the Year... For Memories And Outdoor Lovers!

November 02, 2017

It's a WONDERFUL Time of the Year... For Memories And Outdoor Lovers!

It's a time for so many great activities....from planning travels to visit family and close friends, personal getaways, hunting trips, and even counting down the days until Christmas!

Holidays aren't the same without all the hustle and bustle, and as many of us know, this time seems to get shorter each year.

It's a crazy flurry of activity that goes by in a flash, and before you know it you are left wondering, "Did all of that just happen?"  

Many of us might even say to ourselves, "I need to write these memories down before I forget them."

Video Camera

We used to use video camera's to collect these moments of the past. Funny how it was that these videos often seemed to have a mind of their own when you viewed them later.  The scenes we recorded sometimes bounced around the room in and out of focus and with "under the breath mutterings" about what just happened that we missed! Sometimes it even went upside down until it was realized and then WHOOOP! corrected itself along with yet another set of mutterings.

Those cameras have been replaced with smartphones that can send video's and pictures to thousands with the push of a SEND key...sprinkled with emoji's and OMG's to share the excitement of the moment just captured a few seconds ago. They seemingly are almost never turned off, and life's moments are captured to a degree that in the past might have been considered an intrusion in social settings.  Today this is just the norm.

In the outdoors, this newfangled technology can seem miraculous.

We have now gone to telling our stories to a much wider audience in REAL TIME, literally entertaining on the fly.  These stories and pictures inform us about where to go, what to do, how to do it, and what to wear when we do. WOW. One might wonder what we ever did without all this information?!?!? 

To be completely honest, when it comes to the outdoors, most of us just can't get enough information and advice. We LOVE sharing our adventures with others and enjoy seeing their adventures just as much. We also like that advice that comes from others so we spend more productive time doing things right the first time. We even benefit from being informed of bad weather, poor fishing or hunting conditions, and sometimes even averting disasters.

smartphone outdoors

Quite frankly, without all of this social media and literally seeing our lives in the headlines, our world would not be nearly as exciting.  From our Instagram and Facebook pages, to online magazines and groups we are members of, we are all participating in this technology like never before.

Below are some favorite links which I hope you enjoy. And if I'm not mistaken, I don't think ANY of them have once turned the camera upside down.

Best of the Best...

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