A Story of Friends

It's amazing what a couple of pints and some reminiscing amongst friends can lead to.

Who We Are

We're three lifelong friends working in the business of clothes, who love the outdoors, sports, good times...Our bond has been working in apparel, where we have styled and manufactured clothing for brands many have known and loved for a lifetime....Wrangler, Lee, Jansport, Duck Head, Colonel Littleton, Ducks Unlimited, and many other private brands for in-store retail. Basically, our focus has been spent on producing the best of the best, legendary brands.

How It Came Together

One day, while enjoying end of day cold drinks at Harbor Island, talking about what guys talk about, the conversation turned to legendary hero's; Davy Crockett, Kit Carson, Ernest Hemingway...and others...and a spirited debate began. As clothing people often do, the discussion turned to what we thought our "heroes" favorite shirt might have been. The result? The best of the best of what we had made over the many years of design, and Capital Sportsman was born.

The Give Back

We then decided to build the business around giving back to the outdoors, to preserve the nature that we experienced as boys growing up for future generations. We also decided to offer our shirts and other styles at an affordable price by taking the retailer out of the middle and bringing the value straight to the customer. Our shirts are sold at about half of what is charged at regular retail for the same quality and make...and sometimes much more.

Our Goal

We have a goal to make our shirts the ones you'll always reach for first. And from out of an idea on Harbor Island we have now made this line available just in time for holiday season.