Remembering Travel - Fly Fishing in Alaska

June 04, 2020

Remembering Travel - Fly Fishing in Alaska

Remembering Travel

While many travel plans are still on hold, we turned to our brand ambassador Chris Nischan to share his experiences fly fishing in Alaska.  Definitely a trip to consider in the future.

Fly Fishing Alaska with Blue Mountain Outfitters

by Chris Nischan

Alaska is truly a fisherman’s dream. The best part is this dream can be a reality for many anglers. Many daily flights to choose from, no passport needed, no language barriers and most of all, some of the best fishing on the planet!

Fisherman can choose from a variety of rivers, lakes, and small streams to chase multiple species of salmon and big rainbow trout. I choose to fly fish but many people use conventional tackle with great success.

I have been booking with Blue Mountain Lodge for many years.

Blue Mountain Lodge is a small operation catering to both hunters and fisherman.  The owners, Tracy and Linda Vrem, have an excellent area out on the Alaska Peninsula. This is the best run operation I have ever been to in Alaska. 

Blue Mountain Lodge Plane
Blue Mountain Lodge floatplane

Since the salmon spawn in the rivers and lakes, being close to the ocean is a plus. I choose to fish August and September because I like fishing for Coho, commonly known as silvers, and large rainbow trout.

Silvers are the acrobats of the Pacific salmon species.

Having a large silver on the line, pulling hard and jumping, is very exciting. Coho will readily take a surface fly as well. Having a fish weighing double digits chase down a topwater fly is as good as it gets. These fish also taste really good if you want to take some home.

Coho Salmon Alaska
Coho Salmon on fly in Alaska

My personal favorite fish in Alaska is the rainbow trout.

These fish grow fat and strong feeding on salmon eggs. They can be caught easily on plastic beads, which imitate eggs. I prefer to swim a mouse pattern across the surface. The strikes are nothing less than explosive!

Fisherman will also catch Dolly Varden, as well as grayling, using either method. Both “dollies” and grayling are very eager and willing to eat your fly or bead.

Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout
Dolly Varden

Tracy has several planes, and you will fly out every day to different locations based on what you hope to catch. He has planes on floats as well as planes on wheels. This is unique compared to other fishing operations. Most do not have the opportunity to utilize both floats and wheels. This versatility is one of the reasons Tracy has been so successful guiding his clients.

Blue Mountain Lodge is now an Orvis endorsed operation. They have a well-stocked selection of flies and lures, as well as waders and back up rods.  The food and accommodations are both excellent, and the camp is comfortable and hospitable.

This is a great location for both beginners and well-seasoned anglers. The scenery is second to none, and the beauty of Alaska is on display everywhere you look! Mountains, vast valleys, rivers, lakes and volcanoes are just some of what the peninsula has to offer.

The typical wildlife you will encounter spans the spectrum from many species of birds to the king - brown bears.

I saw bears almost daily, as well as moose, caribou, geese, sandhill cranes, ptarmigan and other waterfowl. Truly a paradise for the wildlife enthusiast.

Brown Bear Alaska
Brown Bear along River
Brown Bear Fishing
Fishing Together

Blue Mountain Lodge books up well in advance due to the great service, as well as being a fantastic bargain for a fly out operation. They only take six anglers per week, so contact me or the lodge directly if you are wanting to plan your Alaskan adventure. I will mention that Tracy runs a very successful moose and bear hunting operation as well. I truly believe you will not find a better place to fish for trout and salmon in Alaska.

About Chris:

Chris Nischan has been guiding hunting and fishing trips since 1984. In 2018 he was named Outdoorsman of the Year by Legends of the Outdoors, and is a winner of Field and Stream's Total Outdoorsman Challenge.

Chris has booked travel trips all over the world, frequenting Brazil, Mongolia, and Alaska. You'll usually see him wearing our Ultimate Hybrid when he's on his fishing trips.

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