Lions and Tigers and Bears...(don't say it!)

March 05, 2018

Lions and Tigers and Bears...(don't say it!)

Last month we went on a SAFARI!!!....well, sort of.

SCI Art of the Animal - Lions

We actually attended the massive Safari Club International Annual Hunters' Convention in Las Vegas.

While there, we got to meet with all sorts of fascinating people from around the world, visiting booths from the Amazon to the South Pacific to Mozambique! We saw 4 wheelers, taxidermists, artists, gunsmiths, and every level of hunting gear and outfitter that exists. All the best of the best.

Do you want to go on a safari in Russia or fly-fish for peacock bass in Brazil? You came to the right place.

Exactly who is Safari Club International?

Safari Club International 2018 Hunter's Convention Las Vegas

Well, they are an organization that has been around since 1972, and they believe in a lot of the same things we do here at Capital Sportsman.

SCI is a leader in the fight to protect the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.

Anyone dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education is a friend of ours! Safari Club International is committed to passing on the knowledge of our natural heritage to peers and youngsters everywhere.

SCI works on both local and international levels through 170 chapters and over 55,000 members. They have become a political force both in Washington, D.C. and in other capitals around the world, spending over $140 million since 2000 to ensure that the environment is preserved, wildlife is protected, and the freedom to ethically hunt is maintained for future generations.

They even give back to other humanitarian efforts around the world through the Safari Club International Foundation. This foundation has enabled millions of meals, as well as medical, school, and relief supplies, to be provided directly to clinics, schools, villages, and orphanages around the globe. It also assures that the best available science is used in wildlife policy and management, resulting in the conservation of biodiversity around the world. This is HUGE!

SCI Art of the Animal - Cheetah

SCI Art of the Animal - Bear

In North America alone, we wouldn't have the American bison, elk, or even mule deer roaming freely without the efforts of this Foundation and others like it. In many other countries, SCI's anti-poaching efforts continue to enable many different endangered species to thrive.

These are our kind of people!!! I hope they are yours as well. Check them out when you have a chance and see what they do. You might just want to become a member

Best of the Best,


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