July 26, 2017


Nothing serves our souls better than family, friends, and a relaxing getaway to explore, recharge and rejuvenate.  And nothing spells "getting away" better than two words that when we know we are going, we all say with a certain flair...


It's almost impossible to imagine a world without it.  The sound of the waves, the smell of the salt air, the feel of the sand under foot...all combine to give us a unique experience not possible anyplace else.  The view of the horizon meeting the ocean that greets the sand as we stand at what feels like the very edge of the all very different, and all incredibly necessary for many of us.

Some studies even suggest that we require the specific conditions in a beachside environment to achieve a fully-desired restorative effect.

Sea water itself contains high levels of various minerals — including magnesium, potassium and iodine — which can help fight infection, offer therapeutic effects, and help the body heal and detoxify.  Simply hearing the sound of the waves as we take a long walk, read a book, or even as we take a nap actually works with our own natural rhythm to reset our internal body clocks.

Heck, just ditching your shoes alone can help you reap great mood-boosting benefits, and instantly reconnects our bodies to the energy of the earth.  Our immune systems literally (and scientifically) function better when our feet are connected to the earth. Is there anywhere we go barefoot more easily than at the beach?  I rest my case.

For this reason, we recently added our favorite "relaxing at the beach" camp shirt named "The Amelia Island Modal Shirt".

It's actually made mostly from "modal", which is a wood pulp based fabric made only from beech trees.  How cool is that?


a wood pulp based fabric made only from beech trees

beach trees

Modal is absorbent like cotton, resists shrinking, and drapes beautifully on your body. High end resorts use sheets made with it to give their guests a luxurious experience.  

This shirt is also "Island washed", which is our way of saying that it's incredibly soft.

Believe it or not, it's also SPF 50!!!

Give yourself and your body a treat and put one on. Then simply relaaaaaax.  Those are doctors orders.

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