"They call him Cuban Pete..." (Hemingway's Sidekick?)

June 10, 2017

Who did Hemingway rendezvous with at night after a trophy day on the water?

Fishing Trip

In the evening when the salt hung thick in the air mixed in with desires and emotions...and the cigar smoke wound it's sultry dance streams around the room. Who was it that he chose to meander his time away with?

His name was Cuban Pete...the King of the Rhumba Beat.

A legend of legends in the local clubs, who could impress the gents and swoon the ladies all with a tip of his hat.

The shirt he wore? It was similar to the airy comfort of a fishing shirt, but without all the pockets and flaps. Soft silky material that flowed with him as he sauntered through the room in search of that perfect dance.

And when Cuban Pete danced?  He was king.  They even sang a song about him.

Ernest Hemingway

(Photo credit: Wikimedia - By No machine-readable author provided. Havanna~commonswiki assumed based on copyright claims. Own work assumed based on copyright claims., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1591475)

Hemingway loved the nights as much as the day, and reveled in the drinks...the sounds...the energy...the local atmosphere...and friends like Cuban Pete.

They wore these looks then, and when the heat of the moment calls, we still wear them today.

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