Waterfall - "one of the most beautiful objects in nature"

April 29, 2017

Waterfall -

...was again presented by one of the beautiful objects in nature. I now thought that if a skillful painter had been asked to make a beautiful cascade [waterfall] that he would most probably have presented the precise image of this one. Captain Meriwether Lewis, 1805

It's that renewing time of the year for heavy rain and mountain drain--which all add up to beautiful waterfalls for us to hike to and enjoy. Trees start to bloom, flowers pop out of the ground, and your desire to get out and explore becomes almost overwhelming.

Here in Tennessee, we have a LOT of waterfalls, and they are all worthwhile excursions for anyone who loves the outdoors. There's nothing like hearing the water crashing as you approach, even before you ever see it. The positive ions in the air as you stand nearby almost feels like there's an energy source renewing your soul. There are monks that say you'll never get closer to our Creator than when you're in a spot like this.

Tennessee Waterfalls

For those of you not fortunate enough to live here in the mountains and hills of Tennessee, there are still hundreds of major falls all across  North America.  For a list of the 25 best, this is about the best link around.  Check it out, find a waterfall, and make it a plan!

What happens following the rush of water, the steep drop and the crash into the pool below?  The stream or river becomes suddenly peaceful, and a perfect place to relax and recharge.  There's no better feeling.

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