TROUT Magazine - The Ultimate Hybrid II

November 30, 2020

TROUT Magazine - The Ultimate Hybrid II

We were excited to be featured once again in TROUT magazine.  This time for our Ultimate Hybrid II.  

The review comes from TU member Jon Christiansen.  We're glad he's a fan and appreciate his thoughtful review.

"It would be logical to wonder whether the world needed another brand of fishing shirt. 

"But, ever brave, the folks at Capital Sportsman in Nashville have introduced a 'hybrid' shirt they call the Ultimate II.

"You'll see plenty of fishing shirts at a TU meeting, but not many out to dinner (that is, when we could actually go out to dinner). The Ultimate II, however, does seem to fit the bill.

"It has all of the bells and whistles of a fishing shirt - zippered pocket, vents, sleve tabs, spacious cut - and good styling with a soft, relatively wrinkle-free fabric. There are a variety of fabric colors; mine is a light blue check that my wife says matches my eyes (the blue part, not the checked).

"I find that complete no-iron shirts tend to be hot in a plastic bag sort of way. This shirt, however, kept me as cool as would be expected on an 89-degree fishing expedition."

Want one for yourself?