Leave it to Father...

May 30, 2018

Leave it to Father...

Good or bad, right or wrong, a whole lot of what shapes a young man or woman in later years are the examples set and lessons learned from someone named "Dad".

To be sure, lots of great mothers have done the same for many a notable person in history.  For some, it has been other examples set by a coach, scoutmaster, teacher, pastor, or even an older brother.

Even witnessing the examples of other fathers' interactions with their own sons can have a lasting effect on the fine-tuning of the lens through which life is viewed later as an adult.

father's day scene

But for many, it was the role being shown by their father that has guided their path in the ways that only he could provide. 

The role of a father becomes an integral part of the generational existence of a family's history.  He is a teacher of the past, and a guide for the present.  All fathers provide a priceless gift not just to those he influences, but generationally through the decades and even the centuries ahead.

That's a lot to wrap your head around...

father and son fishing

(Illustration by Andrej Krysov. Used with permission.)

When you stop long enough to think about it, focus on some things you might do today that were done by your grandfather--or even your great-grandfather.  Some very old relatives are still here today living through our very own behaviors and actions.  Take it to the bank.  It's true.

On rare occasions, you can even witness it in real time at a family gathering. Observing the interaction between a grandfather and a father who is interacting with his children can be a rare moment to cherish.  If a great-grandfather happens to be present, consider yourself blessed to have beheld it. 

Enjoy YOUR Fathers Day, and consider spending a few moments just to say thanks whether it's in person, by phone, or even through prayer for those departed...it will be well worth it.

Best of the Best,

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