Dreaming about a fishing trip getaway?  

April 30, 2018 1 Comment

Dreaming about a fishing trip getaway?  

Imagine if you will...

A fishing trip where the water you fish in is the same water you drink.

There are no locks on the cabin doors because there's no need to worry about such a thing as theft.

The tackle and snack shop has no cashier because it's all charged on the honor system on a pad of paper when you take something. 

There's no TV, internet, or cell phone.

The sky at night is so dark you can't see your feet on the trail, and the Milky Way looks like a giant cloud stretching across the entire sky.

The other people there have known each other for years--sometimes for generations--and all friends become like family.

There's a relaxation lodge with a game room where folks gather to play cards, charades, board games...and tell stories for hours. 

Where there's a morning mist on the water that looks like the special effects in a movie, and sunsets so stunning you need to pinch yourself to know you're not dreaming.

Lochaven night sky

And you remember the name of the place...Lake Heaven.  Or as it's more correctly called, "Lochaven".  

And then you also remember that you've been dreaming about this trip for hours--and haven't even given thought yet to the fishing you'll be doing in some of the most beautiful waters in North America.  

The French River that flows all the way from Lake Nipissing into The Great Lakes.

That's where you'll also find the "Boundary Waters" that are famous for uncounted islands, fishing camps, quaint lodges and dark blue water so cold and clean and crisp it can seemingly be felt just by looking at it.

French River Five Fingers Rapids

Crane's Lochaven Wilderness Lodge

Crane's Lochaven Wilderness Lodge has been home away from home over the years to many, and a week-long experience to others that will never be forgotten.

Crane's Lochaven Lodge


If you're fortunate enough to get this experience, give a shout out to Captain Eddie.  He's the 2nd generation of Cranes taking care of guests on this island and knows exactly how to guide you to a great time. 

Best of the Best,

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Chris Nischan
Chris Nischan

May 05, 2018

Sounds awesome! I am going to a similar place in Maine. Wheaton’s Lodge. Smallmouth here I come with my fly rod. Of cours I will have my Hybrids with me!

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