Tom Sawyer Summer

August 25, 2017

Tom Sawyer Summer

Have you ever experienced a Tom Sawyer Summer?

One that included lazy days and adventures that will stay firmly entrenched in your memory 'till the day you die? If you are lucky, you had more that just a few!

Many of us had friends just like ol' Huckleberry Finn, and simply remembering the shenanigans we got into can bring both a hearty chuckle and a tear of nostalgia. No matter how well the neighborhood mothers communicated, there was no keeping up.

One thing is also for sure; we had plenty of customs and traditions to learn and follow and sometimes they just didn't make any sense whatsoever. Things like, "You can't go swimming for an hour after you eat!">

How could that rule possibly include popsicles?

That could be why Tom Sawyer said, “The less there is to justify a traditional custom, the harder it is to get rid of it”

Who can't agree with that logic?

Well, quicker than a horse swats his tail, THAT summer was over...then the next...and the one after that.

We all came to the end of our childhood chronicle far too quickly, and somewhere along the way we grew up and became the adults in the story.

The good news about that is that along the way we also discovered some of the better things that life has to offer, and that not all summer customs are something to turn your nose up at (ie gin and tonics).

At Capital Sportsman, we know that the perfect leisurely day wouldn't be complete without stylish and comfortable clothing, which is why we made our silk camp shirt. Is anything more pleasurable next to your skin than silk? We think not. Snatch a few of these up while the getting is easy, and there is still some Summer to languish in. You'll be happy you did.

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