A River Runs Through Our Minds...Still

September 07, 2017

A River Runs Through Our Minds...Still

As the summer ends, the sun casts a long shadow across the water that lands against it as gently as a perfectly presented fly on a quiet pool beneath the rapids.

The days begin to change and so we follow...as creatures of habit that cannot resist. We even anticipate it excitedly, looking forward to the morning chill.

And with this we yearn for being both with and in the water in a way that only fly fishers can experience. When we become one with the nature surrounding us, mentally slowing down our inner clocks to click.click.click--then aaahhhhh...finally in tune with the water swirling around our bodies and through our minds.

That's when we know we have arrived in our special place where distractions are a distant memory, and we are truly experiencing time in the moment.

We created our Ultimate Hybrid shirt specifically for moments like these. Not yet winter, still not quite summer, and needing to dress for both. We call it "Hybrid", because that's exactly what it is designed to do.

The Ultimate Hybrid

Is it a fishing shirt? Is it a hiking shirt? Is it a fashion piece?

Yes - this is the most versatile sportsman shirt you will find anywhere.

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